Our coffee trees are true-to-variety, grown with organic methods and genetically tracked. 

  • Third generation CA coffee seeds: proving viability in various California conditions
  • True to variety: Our seeds were originally sourced through our contacts with Coffee Research Institutes and our Geisha was shared with us by the Peterson Family who own the world famous, Hacienda La Esmerelda
  • Genetically tracked: Our inventory was selected from our best producing and cupped trees from the original coffee farm at Good Land Organics. In a coffee world where varietals are frequently mislabelled, we have taken extra care to provide the best marketing potential and options for our growers. 
  • Our seeds were sourced from our Certified Organic farm and were grown following organic methods in our nursery.

Our coffee trees are free from destructive coffee pests and plagues.

CA is free from pests that have single-handedly destroyed other coffee growing regions including Hawaii, Central America and Brazil

The best and only way to protect the future of California coffee production is to prevent plant material and seed infected with these diseases from entering into our region. As this industry is very new still, our state does not have any protective legislation or plan to mitigate these risks being brought in from other countries. Please take extra care in investigating the source of any plant material not sourced through us. 

 California Coffee Growers offers over 15 years of experience, research, contacts and shared knowledge to fellow growers. 

Shared knowledge

Purchasing our trees comes along with vast amounts of useful growing information, resulting from the shared knowledge amongst CA Coffee Growers and over 12 years of trial and error at the original coffee farm, Good Land Organics in Goleta, CA. 

Post-harvest processing services

Post harvest coffee processing coffee can be expensive in labor, time and knowledge. However as a member of CA Coffee Growers, our fellow producers have access to our post-harvest services, expertise in maintaining quality and years of involvement with the industry.

Why do we do this? 

California is one of the world's most northern latitudes where coffee has successfully been produced. What was once considered crazy and impossible, is now sparking rumors across the world that "hey, that coffee's actually damn good!" Does this sound familiar Central Coast wine industry? Coffee is now well on it's way to becoming the next hot agricultural product for our state. Together, California coffee growers need to unite to develop a strong brand presence in the industry. Because, to many, our coffee will be revered for the gorgeous rolling hills and ocean views where it is grown. But it needs to be savored for it's superb quality in the cup. We want our partnering growers to succeed, which is why we are happy to freely share our tried and true practices. Buying trees from our nursery is more like joining our team. 

Buying trees through us helps support research in the coffee industry.

  • UC Davis Coffee Initiative and genome project
  • Extensive trials with:
    • Planting layouts
    • Layered agricultural systems
    • Carbon exchange systems
    • Nutrition programs
    • Pruning techniques
    • Water efficiency programs
  • CA Coffee Growers has been claimed to have irreversible effect on the world's perspective on viable coffee growing regions, in a time of climate change, drought, and extreme weather patterns in existing coffee regions.