CA Coffee Growers is a collaborative of farmers living on the edge......the edge of the coffee belt that is.

Since 2004, coffee has been growing outside -yes, in the ground- in Santa Barbara County, in Goleta, California. We planted the original 15 varietal trial at our farm, Good Land Organics. Our coffees have not only impressed, but they have been compared to some of the top coffees produced in the world.

After a collaborative effort between farmers and entrepreneurs, Jay Ruskey of Good Land Organics and Jim Shanley, of Shanley Farms, a greenhouse was born. In 2014, we began distributing pest free, true-to-type varietals to California growers along the central and southern coast. Today, there are over 25 farmers growing coffee alongside us, totaling over 30,000 plants. We aim to be the highest quality source of Coffea arabica seedlings that achieve high yields and high quality coffee for our local region. It seems that the lovely California sun is just the trick to achieve this. 

If you are a commercial grower and interested in joining our growers program, please reach out to